This webpage is about Bible prophecy of last days, end times, return of Christ, rapture, seven year tribulation, glorious appearance, wrath of God, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 vials. 


First off, I must say sorry for my miscalculating the March 14th, 2012 date as the begining of the Tribulation.

I was first Given this 2020 Vision of His Doors early in the 2000`s 

then I wrongly thought that this was the second Door

and I minused 2520 days to come up with what I considered was the first Door

but this was the start of the pre-Trib

so we are now 6 years into the pre-Trib

my guess is it will get harder and harder for us to live

else we take this orbiting ship over, and mount a revival


Is there a door-deadline for Christ to return by

I want to show everybody this Door

or these Doors

Doors that Jesus MUST pass through

these are limitations set out by God

by Him stating it in His Prophecies

which we know, must always hold true

Is 2020 (2019.04) the end?....

YES,,, for all those who are born again

I created this website to warn our secular world

and show my Brothers + Sisters in Christ

Just how close our blessed hope is

(CHRIST’s second coming)

Hello there

My Christian Brother/Sister

Sorry for the length of this letter

but I feel that these words are all

of the utmost importance for you to hear

I have colored the most important stuff in red

For easier finding and quicker reading,

This is what I have come to call my

"2020 VISION”

The reason for this date setting title

Although I hesitate to write these words

there is such a stigmatization with date setting

I don’t claim to know when the Knock will come

I just want to show everybody the “DOORS

= why I believe Christ must return before the year 2020

Hey guys + gals

Here is something that I feel is very important

I want to have this argument worded in the best way that I can

to best explain my discovery

Then I want to send it to all the web churches that I know of

to see if they know how I could be in error

or,,,,,,,,,,, is this really the Truth

There is a deadline for the return of Christ

I do not wish to start any panics,,,

what I wish to start

is this End Time Revival

that I have heard so much about

God will not let our suffering go on

Within the next two years

Christ will come back for His followers

And all of us born-again believers

will vanish off this earth

I feel an urgent necessity

for this news to get out to the world

because all Christians should know these facts

I believe God’s timing is getting very near

and I have discovered some facts

about there being a certainty

Why Christ simply MUST return,,, before the year 2020.

it also has duel meaning,,,

20/20 is perfect vision,,

(with my +5 bottle bottom glasses, this is sure not from me,,, lol)

Yes, this world is coming to an end

Or should I say


Now hold on

our world is never going to cease to exist

Proof = (Isaiah 45:17) + (Ephesians 3:21) - “world without end”

I discovered this by using the verse (Mat 24 :34)

“this generation shall not pass,(die)”

Starting with 1967.44, (when Israel took control of Jerusalem),

and then adding 51.6, (generation = calculated from 14+14+14 of Mat 1:17)

that the total is 2019.04,,, (explanation below)

Then adding the 7 year (6.9 solar) for the Tribulation,

We get 2025.94 as the last date for Christ to set Foot on the Mount of Olives,

This way, we are shown both of the doors,

Christ must come back before 2020,

So, 2020, (2019.04) is the DOOR,,,,,

As it is the last year for Christ to return in the air,

and still be able to fulfill prophecy,

and we know that Bible prophecy cannot fail,

Bible prophecy is TRUTH,

Or should I say, one of the DOORs,

And 2025.94 is the other Door,

I believe that God wants the deadline to come out into the light

And this deadline,(door) can be found

God will come back for His followers

All those who are born-again believers 

+ are looking for His Soon Return in the clouds 

I have been moving straight into what I think needs to come out,,, NOW !!!

I will be attempting to do this, with logic, and the details about His Word

I believe that God wants the deadline to come out into the light

Then I will show you a list of all the mathematics and Bible verses

that brought me to this startling conclusion

one that I have trouble seeing why no one has ever seen before

(maybe,,, we just had to wait for His Timing)

Lastly, I will tell you a little bit more about myself

or what is more important, my beliefs and values

to give you a better idea of just who this warrior is

To make things quicker to refer to, easier for reading

and to let you easily get to the most important parts

I have colored the most important stuff in red

For easier referencing and quicker reading

To make things quicker to refer to, easier for reading

and to let you easily get to the most important parts

Please,,,,, read this through, and do not just rashly cast it aside

passing me off as just another fanatic

ranting about something I know nothing about

I may be a fanatic,,,,,, but I have become a fanatic about God

I try to use the energizing emotional charge and feeling

And my less than 9 hours sleep a week 

in the most productive way for His Kingdom

I do this by trying to read His Word daily

usually studying it intensely
Holy Word of God is the glue that holds my life together

I enjoy reading + studying His Word

It is a needed comfort in this crazy life

where I believe only the prophecies, rules and guidelines

that can be found in the Holy Bible

(I use the King James Version)

This thought came to me a few years ago

while I was thinking about the verses

about how we would know when His coming was near

I was convinced, that God would give us fair warning

of just how close His coming was

I believe that we are the generation that will not have to experience death.

Most everyone knows about the verse Mathew 24:36

"But of that day and hour knoweth no man,,,"

when speaking the time of Christ's return

But the verse that I want to discuss, is Mathew 24:33, where it says

"So likewise ye,,, know that it is near, even at the doors."

I heard that in the original Greek

This is phrased as a COMMAND

As in, we MUST KNOW that it is near

And further more

We shall know even the DOOR

This door might represent "a deadline"

or must "happen by" date,,,

I want to learn Greek, to see how all of His Word was first written

but especially I wish to view and understand this verse

about us being able to know that the time is near

I think that He is telling us that we can KNOW how close it is

by giving us the deadline

or showing us the door,,,

but we still don't know when His Knock will come, (the rapture)

And this deadline,(door) can be found

for it says that we shall know the generation

and to know that it is near

we must have a start and end date

to be able to count down the remaining time

in order to know that it is near

and I think that He wants this knowledge to come out

We can find this deadline because it says

We shall "know that it is near” (Mat 24:33)

By starting from the date of Israel regaining control of Jerusalem,

= as it is part of "when ye see all these things"=(Mat 24:33),

which was the summer of 1967.

Then, calculating the duration of a generation

by taking Christ's linage of 14,14+14 generations-(Mathew 1:17)

This gives us a "generatiom" eaqual to 51.6 years

The reason that I happen to feel very confident about using this duration of time

for the life span for the final “generation”

is that it was the same duration used to accurately predicted the date

May 14, 1948

which was the rebirth of Israel

( taken from a book by a well known Canadian author )

It was this realization that my Lord used

To help me learn to trust the Bible

and soon become born again

Way back in 88,,,

So,,, now we take 1967.44

and then add the 51.6 years for the generation

where it is said "this generation shall not pass"

That gives an end date of 2019.04

but certainly this must happen before the year 2020

That is why I call it my “2020 VISION”

Now, going by my whole-hearted belief in

the pre-trib rapture

This means that His appearance to rescue His own

must be before the first door of 2019.04

the date the Tribulation MUST begin before or by

we can know this deadline for sure

because in Mathew 24:34 God assures us

that our generation shall not pass=(die)

This means 2019.04 is the latest date for the rapture

When Christ will return for His church

(Titus 2:13) = “looking for that blessed hope AND the glorious appearing”

- this verse with the “and” tells us of both comings

- the rapture, and His Glorious appearing

o at the end of the tribulation

(I Thes 4:17) = “then we which are alive,,, shall be caught up“

Sooooo,,, message to all that are born again

We have less than one years to make a difference

in this world

Your Bro

. . joe

First off

let us calculate the time allotted for this end time “generation“

Well, I chose to take it from the linage of Jesus

figuring this out by taking the number of years

that since the birth of Abraham

and dividing this number by the number of generations

(Mat 1:7) - “So all the generations from Abraham,,, are fourteen generations;,,, fourteen generations; and,,, fourteen generations.”

Then we need a start date, for when this “generation” starts

which I discovered was, during the six day war, in 1967

and not in 1948, at the birth of the nation Israel

as Israel had to be in control of Jerusalem

for this “generation” to begin

(Mat 24:33) - So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near even at the doors

(Mat 24:34) - Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled

Well,,, what if, “know that it is near” (near to what?)

and "even at the door"is a mistranslation of “know the deadline”

Generation =


We are told that there are 14 + 14 + 14 generations from Abraham to Jesus in

(Mat 1:17)

14 + 14 + 14 = 42 generations

2,167 is the year for the Birth of Abraham.


/42 =

51.595 = generation,,

I have been struggling with this

In my whole life

I did not ever think of myself

as the person who would tell the world

that it was the "end of the world" (Mat 24:3)

(there is soon to be, a New King in town )

With so little time left

,,, less than 1 years,,,

I would like to work 24/7

But although I have been known to go 3 or 4 days

Without any down time,,,

I usually pass out

for 2 to 3 hours most every 2-3 night,,, lol

I love God

with all of my heart

and I want to assist Him all that I can

as I believe that He has giving me

an incredibly inquisitive mind

and He teaches me all that I ask

I hope, that I can maybe shake this world up

I want to dissolve this evolution hoax

so that I can tear down these paper walls of this world system

I would like to know how there scientists explain

how the earth has been orbiting the sun

for millions, if not billions of years

without the fuel burning up long ago

,, and if they think that they can make up a good excuse for that one

I would hit them with the,,,

“how do you explain it remaining in orbit”

while our Sun shrinks

as it burns off its fuel

giving us the light we so desperately need

It is totally ridiculous to even suggest this

That a planet could continue in a perfect orbit of the sun for so long

Without the gravity change of the sun from the burning of its fuel

effecting its obit enough to send the earth off into space

And not only the earth

but how about the rest of the planets

how did they all stay in orbit

with the diminishing size, (+ gravity pull) on our sun

over such a great span on time

sun = fuel burning out


EVil-sOLUTION is impossible


Evolution never happened

Evolution never even had the possibility of happening

Evolution has the biggest obstacle in the universe keeping it from even being a possibility

This slam-dunk fact, that preventing evolution from even having the possibility of happening

Is open space, or should I say, the lack of space being open and empty


Think of this dust as being a kind of sandpaper, causing friction on the movements of all bodies within this universe 

This friction causes all moving objects to degrade and eventually fail to continue to orbit

though the sandpaper effect would be less of an influence that of the mass that it adds to the orbiting body

The moons would fall out of orbit first, as to them this minute dust particles are a greater percentage of the orbiting bodies.


Any scientist with even half a logical mind, must see these discrepancies and know very well, that they could never continue orbiting for a million years, let alone the billions of years evolution supposedly took to accomplish modern growth on our planet.


They know that we could not have been orbiting our sun for billions of years

I believe that God set us up in an orbit that would last under 10,000 years, because He Knew the future, and knows that He was planning to recreate it in about 7,000 years. 


So the thing that I would be asking of them is

why are they continuing to go along with this evolution lie.

Are they trying to get us to follow their Humanist beliefs

They are knowingly deceiving our children, into believing like them, that man is the superior intelligence in this universe.

They actually believe that we humans are fast on our ways to becoming gods ourselves.


We must get this lie about evolution being our origins taken out of our schools







proton decay = all matter in universe had an expiry date

- and there is none being made any more

moon leaving orbit = in few thousand years

- life cannot exist without it

o dead ocean without it

- how was it orbiting for billions of years

o and now all of a sudden, it is moving out of orbit

radio active material

- how is there any still left

wouldn’t it all decomposed

- or that means that there had to be 99% radio active material

,,,,,,,, the odds for that happening is

one in 10 to the millionth power

ok, let’s just take a close look

into this cardboard cut-out of a world system

this humanist’s version of the looking glass

that we are religiously trained from youth

that there is no God

that everything came from the big bang.

how does the complexity of atomic structures

become formed in an explosion

and ever so slowly evolved into humans

and we are the top of the food chain

the closest to becoming gods ourselves

when everything we see

yes, even the dust in the air

is made up atoms

and just what are these atoms

only the most complex mechanism that we know of

we are still trying to invent new tools

in order to find out how they are formed

what holds them together

and for just how long

they will manage to hold together

and we actually believe their lies

about these super complex atoms

were all formed in a great explosion

we base everything on system

which dwells on finite variables

of which only they can + do control

turning your attentions onto their specialized facts

which they measure only in their ways

assuring reading that they calibrate

only after you give them an estimate first

so they know when to stop turning the knobs

(please,,, check on this yourself)

(they will not test for this fictional year)

(unless you give them an estimate first)

(so they know which knob to trim)

not even mentioning or even hinting

at the amazing machinery inside these Lego bricks

that we call atoms and molecules

each atom has a shell of rotating energy

that not only is in perfect orbital balance

but each also has an energizer bunny in it

which will run out eventually

that run for a lot less time

than allows millions, if not billions of years

some atoms have minuets for a halflife

I wish that I could get the funding to take

Some better, (more accurate) IQ tests

And with God’s Help

(John 14:26) = “He shall teach you all things”

I hope and believe, that

I will be able to best every IQ test that they can throw at me

I want to use this mind that I was blessed with

which God has blessed me with

to challenge the sciences of this world

Showing them how the Signature of God is in all of Creation

((I believe that His Signature can be seen

. at the point where the odds are too overwhelmingly great))


Your Bro


Just one of His creations:




Perpetual Motion machine
self generating electricity
Gift from God

I feel like I in no way deserve to have discovered this, but I feel both excited and extremely blessed, to be the Servant used as God's pen, to tell the world of this miraculous mechanism. This miracle is an easy way of letting electricity generate itself, using time and the circumference difference of at least two pulleys. That means no fuel is needed to operate this, the only things used to multiply electric power, is the differences in two circumferences and the time it operates. This means that no steady cost of fuel is needed, nor is there any pollution created by the process. That's right, I will tell you how anyone can get electricity to generate itself, without having to have an electric wheelchair,,, lol. 

(I say this because it was my electric wheelchair that helped me think of and prove this idea really works)

Just think of it, We could all have our own stand alone, self powering electric generators, with only the initial cost of building it,(could be made of junkyard parts) that. These power manufacturers could be producing a seemingly endless supply of free electricity, all for the cost of upkeep. It is easy enough to build, as all you need is a twelve volt battery, two 12 Volt motors,(one DC + one AC) one large pulley, and at least one small pulley, a belt that fits the pulleys, and the hardware to put these parts together.(nuts + bolts + framing to mount on)

((along with electronics, such as an AC and a DC motor, a battery, wires and a bridge rectifier and a voltage regulator, each of equal voltage))
((all of which could be easily built on a simple proto-board))

(you might even be able to use any voltage motors - even 120 Volt)
((taking you output from the ac motor))

(((I don’t think the battery is a necessary component)))

It is a very simple mechanism in its workings, as it works by putting power into the motor with the big pulley attached, and you take power out from the motor-(generator) with the small pulley attached. The output motor, or several motors even, the one(s) with the small pulley attached, rotates a lot faster,(more rotations per second) than your input motor. There is a belt connecting the two,(or more) motors together, that can be as small as you want, depending on if you required size constraints, or as large as you want, to accommodate multiple output generators,,, like in our petrol fuelled power stations. I cannot be sure, without having results from tests, but I think that we can gain more power, with every generator that you add with a small pulley. But there is a warning that I have to give you, of a possible hazardous flaw in this free electricity generating system.

If this system is allowed to run freely,
without having any outside drain of power,
this system will overcharge itself,
and may even explode.
So, please,,,
be careful when experimenting with this mechanism.

Maybe this should be called an Energy Multiplier,
as you always need at least a little power,
to generate the greater amount of power.

I believe that we have been given a great gift, one that I think can help the whole world. The thing is,,, that I do not have sufficient funds to get the patent for this invention myself. This is where I wanted the Canadian government to step in and patent this idea, so that our citizens do not have to pay taxes any more,,, lol. I imagine that the royalties from this could not only replace our taxes, but would soon repay our national dept. Especially since, I can see all nations soon making laws regarding the need to convert to this non polluting form of producing electrical energy.

Why not let electricity make itself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

- take this serious, it does work, take a close look at this,,,
- build a proto-type and prove it works.

This is a free source of energy.
I will demonstrate my gain of power to anyone at any time,,,,,,,,,,,
I went to the local paper, and submitted an earlier version of my description
But I guess that my description of it, and how I proved that it worked was not worded good enough, because they did not print my earlier writing and diagram. (it was not as detailed)

(((I already sent the Canadian government this, with no reaction.)))
(((Maybe they would better understand this description)))

Sorry, but I did not have the money to buy, nor do I know of anybody that I can ask to loan me, any kind of Mechano set. What I needed was a toy that is for building things, (like Lego) that has motors and pulleys, so that I could build a prototype of this mechanism. I guess that is one of the reasons that I have decided to send this to the Canadian government, to see if they will patent it. But I most want to see if we Canadian's can put this out on the web, so that all people can have their own free electricity generators. Even though I truly hope that our Canadian government does take this serious enough, to take a patent out on, so that we do not have to pay taxes anymore,,, lol.

I have stumbled upon the

Yes,,,,, and even better than perpetual,,,,
,,, this machine actually makes its own power,
as in – this system uses passing time to gain electrical energy,
yessss,,, we can let electricity generate itself,,,

No more dependency on OIL, and the middle east oil supplies,,,

= and the world says,

Now hold on just a moment,,,
I know that this is not a true example of perpetual motion,,,
Because of bearings alone,
or should I say, the fact that they will wear out eventually,
That is why I added the word "machine" afterwards,

And how, you might add, did I come up with this,
I didn't, it was God,(Holy Spirit) Who showed this to me,
And I think God deserves all the credit,,,

This is a gift from God,,,
As He has shared this with me,
To share with the world,

God has shown me,
a way of gaining free energy,
seemingly from nothing,

This came to me when I was over visiting at the park,
I was thinking about how electricity worked,
and how my electric chair had the ability to charge itself,
on most any type of downhill run,
(as it uses an electrical breaking system)

I don't know if you know anything about me or not,
but learning new things is one of my greatest pleasures
When investigating how things work,,,
I always have to push the limits,,, lol
not only learning how things works,
but then tinker with trying to improve them,,,,, lol

I went with the idea of a ten speed bicycle, (something that I knew about)
Where I wanted to go uphill in tenth gear, (least rotations of the pedals)=motor
and then downhill in first gear, (most rotations of pedals)=motor
so, I would go uphill at full speed,
and then downhill at slow speed
So,,, now I had something to experiment with,
now I had measurable tests to do,

I started off with a low battery, (so that I did not have the power to drive all the way up)
driving up a steep hill at the park in the full speed position, (tenth gear)
(until my chair would not go any further, as my battery was dead)
and then going back down the hill in slow speed, (first gear)
(not super slow, as I had time limits = only 4-6 hours of sunlight left)
Then I immediately turned around, and went back up at full speed,
And guess what happened,,,,
I could travel twenty feet higher up the hill,
so, I had a net gain of electricity,,, (a blessing from God)

Logic and common sense says,
that you will have energy losses,
do to heat from friction if nothing else,
causing you to not be able to make it as far up the hill,
the second time you drive up it,

Well, I first thought that this might just be a strange happening,
so I did it again and again, doing it three times,
each time gaining twenty more feet, up a steep hill, =(total of 60 feet)
Not only did I do it three times that day,
but I later thought that this went against logic, (I must have dreamed it)
and I did the whole experiment over,
with the same electricity gaining results

I know that there are inner workings of the motor + drive system,
that I have not even roughly looked into,
to find out why + how it works like a 10 speed,
Sorry, but I have no time to color + shade in this drawing,
I could only give you this rough sketch,
and let others get the enjoyment of coloring in the details,
I only hope that God will let you enjoy,
at least some of the thrills that I have experienced,
when He showed the amazing reasoning to me,

I was not sure if this was something patentable or not,
as it uses things that are already in existence, 2 motors, 2 pulleys and a battery
but if it is patentable,,, I knew that I could not
Could I ask you to donate some of the profits to the Church,
as I think that it would a wise decision,
to pay back something to the Creator of this idea,
Please read (Luke 18:29-30)

I later found a site on the web that said
That if you published something on the web
But did not choose to patent it
You would open it up to be used freely by everybody
So,,, this was the choice I decided on
To put the plans out on the web for all to use freely

Someone could easily build a self supplying energy producing power supply,
With a 12v battery, two motors, a small and large pulley, a belt, and 4 diodes
You connect the motor with the big pulley up as a power in, driver motor,
And then connect the motor,(s) with the small pulley to be used as an output
When you put power into the drive motor,
You get out a multiple of this power, (on each of the out generators)
Compared to the size difference of the drive motor, (large pulley)
And your output or generator motor. (small pulley)

*** (after thought) ***

I feel bad,,, about being so sluggish,
Wishing that I could have spoken of these things earlier,
as in, as soon as it came to me, a few years ago,
(I had a hard time wondering why this was not discovered earlier)

Please,,, send this to everybody you know,,, so that we can have more people working on ways to utilize this new use for old technology,,,, after all, more is usually better,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol

Benefits to humanity:
- To be an effective way to decrease negative environmental effects on earth,
- To be able to give free electrical power to all people,
- To greatly reduce our oil dependency,
- To give the Middle East less power,
- To lessen the chance of our need for oil getting us into another war,
- To put a needed boast to our economy,
--- by creating many new items to manufacture and sell

maybe this is for the tribulation saints,
to be a way of having free energy,
even when they are off the grid, (electricity)
to use for heat, light and cooking,
without having the easily seen signature,
of an open fire (smoke + satellite heat image)

this is why I want to get it out in the market fast,,,
so that there are many of these around,
for the tribulation saints to get their hands on,

there is a full diagram of this device at





(1)-There is a real God = God does exist, He created this world, He is the God of the Bible,

(Rom 1:20)= For the invisible things of him from the Creation of the world are clearly seen,,, so that they are without excuse

- all of creation proves it,

- fulfilled Bible prophecy proves it, =(this is what convinced me)

- the Bible Code proves it,

(2)-He is a personal God, He loves us and He lives within me = in the form of the Holy Spirit,

(3)-Jesus is God, = Emmanuel, God with us, (Mathew 1:23)

(4)-the Trinity is Truth = I believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are One God,

(Gen 1:26)= And God said, LET US MAKE man in our image

(Mat 6:9)=    After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven

(John 1:1)=    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

(John 4:24)=    God is a Spirit,,,

(5)-This world, (or world system) is run by Satan

(II Cor 4:4)=     In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not

(6)-I believe in the pre-trib rapture, += that will happen before the 7 Hebrew years of tribulation

(Rev 4:1)=     a door was opened in heaven,,, Come up hither,

(Mat 24:31)=             his angels shall gather his elect

(Luk 21:36)=             pray that you may be able to escape

(1 Thes 4:17)= after, we still alive will be caught up with them

(Rev 3:10)=   I also will keep you from the hour of temptation

(1Cor 15:52)= in the twinkling of an eye,,, the dead shall be raised,,,

and we shall be changed in a flash,

(Tit 2:13)=   Looking for that blessed hope, AND the glorious appearing

(He comes twice)

(7)-The Holy Bible is truly the inerrant Word of God, there are no mistakes, only mistranslations,

Do you believe our Righteous Teacher will test/judge us on a flawed Textbook?

(8)-The earth is only about 6000 years old, fossils can only occur with quick burials,

like in local flood or avalanche. Quickly, so that they are not eaten by animal or microbes

the evidence is everywhere,,, this world system just chooses to ignore it)

· the fossil strata of the earths crust was laid down by the flood in Geneses

· otherwise, why is the soil next to the fossils the same as everywhere else

o instead of a different thickness + type, because flood or avalanche soil

(9)-The Bible Code is Truth, it is real, and accurate, yet cannot be found until it happens,

Proof is everywhere, just read one of the many books on the accuracy of the writings on

our prominent modern day events, this includes names of people + places + even dates

(who knows how much of His-story is recorded/encoded in there )

(10)-We are now living in the "End Times", the time just before Christ’s imminent return,

(the doors of Mathew 24:33, which we are commanded to know, are 2019.1 + 2026)

            March 14th, 2012 is the start of the pre-trib = maximum of 2520 days until 1st Door

            1st Door =  2019.1 or February 5.5 of 2019= Israel MUST sign the 7 year peace treat before the


Doors Jesus MUST pass through

as in,,,

dates that Christ must come back before


God says “but of that day and hour knoweth no man”

(Mat 24:36)

but I want to bring to your attention an earlier verse

where I hear that in the original Greek

this is worded like a command,

where God also says

“know that it is near, even at the DOORs” (Mat 24:33)


because of the coma, separating these two items

I believe that He is showing us

both of the things that we CAN “know”

we can know just how near His Coming is by

showing us the deadlines, or Doors

(or must happen before date)



NOT MINE,,, He set it when He Said in (Mat 24:34)

Verily I say unto you, This generation


till all these things be fulfilled.

This is not me setting a date for the return of Christ

This is a must happen before date

This does not tell you when the Knock will come

This is God setting deadlines-(doors closing)=Mat24:33

A date which we are not only allowed know

But in the original Greek

This was worded like a command

KNOW that it is near, 

even at the DOORS

Doors are plural, to accommodate the rapture

These are Doors which Jesus MUST pass through


(1) - I try not to use the words “I am”,

as I have come to believe that this is a Title for God.

because in Exodus 3:14 God says:

“Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”

and the third commandment warns us,

Exodus 20:7=”You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain'
Mark 13:6 = “
For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ

and in my King James version the word Christ is in a different font,

meaning that the word was not there in the original Greek text,

so it should say “many shall come,,, saying I am

Have you noticed that lately,

there have been a lot of commercials,

that use “I am” in them,

I noticed this first with the “I am Canadian”commercial,

Notice how it is used more in TV shows and movies,

People that boast say “I am” right,

“I am” the boss, “I am” the best,

or some other very proud statement.

(2) - I know that the Trinity may be a problem for many people,

so I asked for some enlightenment,

and I believe that the Good Lord has shown me,

a good way of explaining the Trinity doctrine,,,

the Godhead is a Trinity

and man is also made in three parts

GOD . . =(like)= man defining traits

Father . . =(like)= mind = in charge, brains, intelligence, memory

Son . . . =(like)= body = your frame, the part that does + contains everything

Holy Spirit=(like)= soul = personality, temperament, emotions, will

(I know that the Trinity=God consists of three different Personages)

(while man is made of three parts, we are only one being)

(3) - Aliens and ghosts are a part of reality,

Flying saucers and haunted houses really do exist,

they are just not what they pretend to be,

ALIENS are not further evolved creatures,

nor are GHOSTS the spirits of dead people,

They are both spirits though,,,

Spirits of fallen angels,,,

pretending to be other than they are,

in order to deceive us humans,

into believing that the Holy Bible is false,

Angels are all male,,, there are no female angels)

(God only wanted a limited number = no offspring)

(He did not create any female angels)

(fallen angels took women as wives = Gen 6:2)

(and had children = Nephillim = corrupting the gene pool)

(so God wiped them all out in the flood)

Just like before the flood, (Geneses 6:2)

I believe that aliens will make their selves known to earth,

even appearing on TV,

shortly after, or immediately preceding the rapture,

probably giving a crafty explanation for the disappearances,

of all the born again Christians, (John 3:7)

(4) - Since becoming “born again”-(in 88),

I have always known in my heart,

that we were the generation spoken of,

in the Bible, that got to see Christ return,

and I was always looking for proof,

to show both believers, and non believers,

just how close His coming was,,,

in all of His Glory and Power,

It seems pretty obvious to me.

that we are now living in the end times,

Even though so many people do not pay attention,

to the many signs of the times all around us,

Now I have mathematical proof from the Bible,

that we are indeed the final generation,

meaning that we will get to see Christ return to this earth,,,

This last generation started in 1967.44

when Israel took control of Jerusalem

this is because the tribulation is the last week

of Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy

which a prophecy concerning Jerusalem = (holy city)

He shared this with me some time in 2003-2006

(I don’t understand why this was not figured out earlier)

(this could have been discovered ever since the six day war)

(I guess that we just had to wait for His timing)

He has shown me some extremely unique things

(5) – the first gift that He shared with me,

was the very same weekend that I became born again

I believe that He showed me a complex new joystick idea

which rapidly came in waves of intricate visions

each view was gaining more depth in complexity

God is so

this “joe-stick” has linear motion in all three axis’s

as well as the ability to rotate in all three axis's

giving you six activating motions

instead of the regular two

front to back + side to side

of the traditional joystick

(6) – more recently, (approximately 2002)

The Lord chose to show me the wildest new type of

virtual reality game room

where you are held in the center of a room by cables to a belt

standing on a carpet of ball bearings

so that you can walk + run in place

He chose to show me the wildest new type
of virtual reality games room
where you are held in the center
of a room by cables to a belt
standing on a carpet of ball bearings
so that you can walk + run in place
For video, how about the ceiling, floor + all 4 walls
having your video game projected on them
so the game graphics move around you
It makes it like you are actually inside the video game

For video, how about the ceiling, floor + all 4 walls

having your video game projected on them

so the game graphics move around you

It makes it like you are actually inside the video game

(7) – some time before I left the nursing home

(remember, I have memory problems = closed head injury)

I cannot remember many details, like names + dates

But I can remember the day that I cried out to God

and He was so loving to answer me,

I ask for a way to help the tribulation saints

so they could better make it through the rough tribulation

especially during the great tribulation

when they will find themselves running for their lives

off the power grid and hiding out in nature

One amazing gift He has shown me

is a Free Energy machine

which uses geometry size change in pulleys

to actually multiply power


I credit God for giving me these ideas

for both gracing me with this mind in the first place

and then showing me so many incredable things

I feel sure that He was showing me these things

in how they came to my mind

with so rapidly and detailed drawings(Visions)

I realize that these Visions could have came from evil spirits

but then why would evil spirits want to give me gifts

that could be used to fund a revival

or how about giving us Saints free energy

to be able to survive winter living

no,,, I cannot see satan allowing this to come out



All of these things are original and patentable

yet I chose to follow His rules in (Mat 10:8)

"freely ye have received, freely give."

I give full permision to anybody who uses these items

and we can be more sure of gaining His Blessing

who gives at least 10% of the income for the Church

and/or uses the money to equip His Saints

for the soon coming end time revival

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